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We are providing authentic, pure Ayurved and Panchakarma treatment in goa!

We always follow our tagline principles put into practice.

Services provided by Dixit Ayurveda

(** These services are provided by us only after thorough examination of patient in our clinic)
  • Consultations and treatment :
        Consultations and treatment of acute, critical and chronic disorders  in Ayurvedic way

  • Panchakarma procedures :
         Panchakarma procedures like Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Raktamokshana,Nasya, Shirodhara  etc.

  • Special advice :
             Special advice on diet and lifestyle

  • Yoga advice :
           Yoga advice as per disease and for disease prevention

  • Advice for prevention of diseases and promotion of health :

  • Advice for Supraja(good progeny) and Garbha Sanskara :

  • panchakarma 1 - Snehan :
    Snehan Karma -

    It is used poorvakarma f Panchakarma as well as main karma in varius stages of disease too.

  • Panchakarma 2 - Swedan :
     Swedan Karma is also used as poorvakarma of panchakarma as well as main karma in various stages of disease

  • Panchakarma 3 - Nasya :
     Nasya karma is one of the main Panchakrma. It is useful in all Urdhvajatrugat Vyadhee (ENT related diseases)

  • Panchakarma 4 - Kati Basti :
     Kati Basti is useful in almost all diseases related to lumbar region. Various oils, medicated ghees, decoctions etc are used for kati basti as per patient and disease condition

  • Panchakarma 5 - Janu Basti :
     Janu basti is useful for diseases related to knee joint. Various medicated oils, medicated ghees, decoctions are used for janu basti as per patient and disease condition.

  • Panchakarma 6 - Shirodhara :
     Shirodhara is useful for stress related problems as well as many skin diseases, psychosomatic diseases. Various medicated oils, medicated milk, decoctions etc are used for shirodhara as per patient and disease condition.

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